On my little old way.

I'm Fleur, 22, London-based theatre-goer, guitar-scratcher, tv-watcher. Recovering from depression and an eating disorder. Striving towards a mainly plant-based intake. Let's talk!


“ Art is giving yourself permission to translate life. Exactly the way you feel. See. And hear it. Be the artist you are. Give yourself permission to speak your own language. ”

—    Nayyirah Waheed (via theglasschild)

(via panatmansam)

Tidy house, clean sheets, Netflix, tea + toast = happy Fleur

so after three weeks of treating my body like trash and not taking care of myself, the kitchen had become an absolute STATE (i’m talking stacks of smelly plates, mouldy mugs, crusty pans in the sink, unidentified food particles colonizing the counters…)

and today i put on my big girl pants and got scrubbing. but i needed a playlist to keep me going, so i found an ed sheeran mix and ended up listening to it three times in a row (there were a lot of bowls).

i’ve always loved the couple of songs i knew and i was vaguely aware that he is mega talented (the lyrics, the insane rapping, the guitar), but i started listening to the stories of all these songs, really listening, and then i kinda decided i needed to know his life story and how he got to where he is.

reading about the hundreds of gigs he did, how hard he worked and how totally devoted he is made me stupidly emotional.

then i saw he has a tattoo on his arm which is a quote from re:stacks, which is my favourite song and prob the song that saved me when i was in the worst place last year and idk man ED SHEERAN IS NOW MY #1 BABE